Job responsibilities:

1. Assist to select or replace product types, technical support for sample testing.

2. Help customer in design process to understand product block diagram and wiring.

3.Provide on-site technical service maomiabvto end users, including pre-sale products demos, training and after-sale service (installation, commissioning and trouble-shooting etc);


4. Responsible for sample management and failure report.

5. Developing new applications and edit PPT files for presentation.

6. Provide technical and application trainings to key accounts.

7. Responsible for translation of products technical data sheets and other technical related documents.

8.Support for exhibition and local fairs such as booth designs and exponarts prepare etc.

9. Support sales team to achieve 大尺度美剧the team's goal.


1. 负责技术选型和型号替换,为样品测试提供技术支持。

2. 为客户在设计阶段提供技术支持,帮助客户读懂产品原理图和接线方式等。

3. 为用户提供现场技术服务,包括售前的产品展示,应用培训和售后的安装调试,故障排查等技术支持。

4. 负责办公室样品管理和维修品管理。

5. 开拓新的行业应用,编辑应用培训PPT文档。


6. 为重点客户提供技术讲座和应用培训等。

7. 音影先锋在线成人翻译产品技术文档,及相关技术资料。

8. 协助展览会展台和展板设计等工作。

9. 协助销售团队完成年度销售指标任务。

Applicant requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above (automation, engineering, electronics).

2. maomiabvAt least 3 years technical support experience in factory automation industry or relevant.

3. Good command of English in both writing and speaking (CET 6 is prefer)

4. Good command of Microsoft Office software such as Word, PPT, Excel, CRM etc.

5.Customer/result-oriented,self-motivated, with strong communication skill and problem-solving skill.

6. Request for frequent 大尺度美剧travelling.


1. 本科及以上学历(自动化,工程,电气等优先)


2. 三年以上工作经验,有配电柜,电控柜等技术经验者优先考虑

3. 流利的英语听说读写能力(大学英语6级优先)

4. 熟练掌握微软Word,Excel,PPT等办公软件,熟悉CRM客户管理管理系统

5. 以客户/结果为导向,自我激励,音影先锋在线成人具有较强的沟通能力和解决问题的技能。

6. 能频繁出差